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    This arare opportunity to work with a real master. The mobility workshop will last about 6 hours andwill cover a number of mobility progressions and regressions. About Keira: Keira Newton is one of the foremost leading experts on kettlebell training and is one of only two women in the world who hold the title of Master RKC. With over ten years of experience, beginning with her Feldenkrais certification in 2001, Keira has seen it all and has worked with every type of client - from chronic couch potatoes to elite athletes. She is a frequent author of articles for Breaking Muscle and owner of dkb Fitness in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she balances her hectic schedule with her ....

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    Our famous Escape and Evasion Course will be held Saturday August 15th from 1-7pm. Date: August 15th Time: 1-7pm Cost: $150 for members and non-member Equipment needed: Bring some extra shirts and accessories like glasses and hats This course includes: * How to get out of bindings like handcuffs, zip ties, and duct tape * How to plan your escape to 'get off the grid' should it be necessary * What to have in a 'Go Bag' * Detecting lies * Concealing communications Call us today to reserve your spot! 469-777-8288 ....

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  • Locations

    Crucible Krav Maga – Plano, Texas
    Our Plano, Texas location has been open since 2010, and is our primary center for hosting larger events and seminars. We have two mats and can accommodate 40 or more students for seminars (average daily classes are 15-25). This location allows for easy access from either George Bush Highway going east or west, and from Highway 75 going north or south. If you are in Plano, Dallas, Richardson, Rockwall, Rowlett, Sachse, Murphy, Wylie, or Carrolton, this is probably the location you will train from. We are co-located with Total Wine and Marshals, but are on the BACKSIDE facing towards the Collin Creek Mall. Other nearby businesses are McAlisters, Friday’s, ....

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  • New Allen Texas Location Opens June 22

    We have a HUGE announcement! We are adding a second location in Allen Texas! 210 Central Expressway South #70 Allen, Texas 75013 We will be having the same evening schedule (6:30pm-7:30pm Kettlebell, 7:30pm - 9:00pm Krav Maga) and the same instructors that you know already will be teaching up there as well. Our first day will be June 22nd. If you are currently a member, please come out and check out the new location! ....

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  • Self Defense in Allen - Crucible Krav Maga - Hierarchy of Needs

    Hierarchy of Needs

    Self-Defense is a bit like insurance: when you don’t need it you don’t need it all, but when you DO need it, you need it more than anything else in life. This is an idea that I have talked about for some time, but let me explain it in more detail. The basic idea of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is that more basic needs are at the bottom, while the needs higher up on my pyramid usually only happen after the lower ones have been met. Let’s look at a few of these in a small bit of detail as a refresher: Physiological Needs
    These are the physical requirements for life: Air, Water, Food, Clothing and Shelter. Basically if you don’t have these items, you may die. Safety Needs

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  • Self Defense in Allen - Crucible Krav Maga - Beginning Again A Guide to Restarting Your Training

    Beginning Again A Guide to Restarting Your Training

    Over the last 20-ish years, I have had a number of ups and downs in my training career. Some years I have trained like a beast for months on end, some year’s life gets in the way, and some years you get an injury that side lines you. I have learned a number of behaviors that have helped me stay active, regardless of what life has thrown my way, and while they may not be ‘scientific’, they have been very helpful to me. As a coach and practitioner, I have seen one very disheartening thing over and over: students who stop training when life throws them a curve ball. When the waves are calm and life is easy, they are dedicated and consistent. But when life gets hard, their training is the ....

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  • Self-Defense for Women

    One of the main reasons that I started teaching self-defense was to teach women how to defend themselves. Unfortunately, women are attacked at a very high rate, even in today's relatively safe society. Rape is all too common on college campus. In our school, I know there are a number of women who are survivors of various attacks, and many have joined to learn how to defend themselves. We have had a number of younger women, aged 12-16, come in and take classes to prepare themselves for high school and college. Joining a self-defense school can be intimidating for women. Overall, the population of our school is around 40% women, but it can still seem like there are quite a few more men in ....

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  • Testing Schedule

    We will be having our next Level Test on Saturday March 7th from 1:00pm - 6:00pm. On February 21st we will have the first Pre-Testing Training from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. On February 28th we will have the second Pre-Testing Training from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. If you are new and NOT testing, you are still welcome to participate in the Pre-Testing courses. They are FREE and we highly recommend you attend if you can. ....

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  • Why learn Krav Maga

    Today I read an article ( here ) by my instructor, Eyal Yanilov, where he asks the question "Why should you learn KMG/Self Defense?" I thought about this quite a bit today. His answer is the most obvious of course: because you might die! But this is not what I was thinking about. I was thinking about all the people I know personally who need to know self defense, who are in dangerous situations, or who have family members to protect that do NOT take self defense. As I write this I can name too many people who are dealing with a job that is dangerous, or a spouse or ex-spouse who is dangerous, who simply do not take the initiative to learn self defense. Is your life worth $99? Is it worth ....

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    Our famous Escape and Evasion Course will be held Saturday November 8th from 1-7pm. Date: November 8th Time: 1-7pm Cost: $150 for members and non-members, $100 for CLUB members Equipment needed: Bring some extra shirts and accessories like glasses and hats This course includes: * How to get out of bindings like handcuffs, zip ties, and duct tape * How to plan your escape to 'get off the grid' should it be necessary * What to have in a 'Go Bag' * Detecting lies * Concealing communications Register at the link below: ....

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    Our next level test for P1 - G1 will be October 25th from 1pm - 6pm. The prep dates will be October 11th from 1-3pm and Oct 18th from 1-3pm as well. ....

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  • Self Defense in Allen - Crucible Krav Maga - TOMMY BLOM SEMINARS AT CRUCIBLE AUG 4TH - 9TH


    Tommy Blom, Expert 5 ranked Krav Maga instructor, will be at Crucible teaching a wide range of courses from August 4th - August 9th! Tommy is one of the worlds best Krav Maga instructors, and he is rate commodity, so book your slot early as space is very limited! Kettlebell Strength Course CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Advanced Pistol Disarms CLICK HERE TO REGISTER VIP Protection CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Car Jacking Seminar CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Bar Fighting Seminar CLICK HERE TO REGISTER MMA Fighting Seminar CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ....

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  • Testing is May 17th and May 18th

    Our next ranking test will be May 18th, but we will be holding several pre-test training events. Saturday May 3rd from 1-3pm Saturday May 10th from 1-3pm Saturday May 17th from 1-5pm Testing Sunday May 18th from 8-12pm P Levels Sunday May 18th from 1-6pm G Levels ....

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    For the Christmas and New Years holidays we will be closed: December 24th and 25th December 31st and January 1st Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! ....

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  • Level Testing Postponed

    Unfortunately the weather is not looking to get better, only worse. So we will be rescheduling the test to either December 14th or the 21st. Sorry guys. -Mike ....

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  • Why we are StrongFirst

    Why we are StrongFirst Most people know that we have an amazing self-defense program based on Krav Maga. What fewer people know about is that we also have an amazing strength training program designed around kettlebells. If you are unfamiliar with kettlebells they are those metal cannon balls that have handles on them, and they are wickedly efficient at making you stronger. A recent study by ACE conducted with the University of Wisconsin found: “A person can easily burn several hundred calories in a brief period of time using these iron orbs, which makes them appealing to those looking ....

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  • Knock Out Game

    I'm sure that you have seen the headlines and even watched the videos of the latest game craze called Knock Out. If not, Google it and be prepared to be shocked. One would think that our society could not sink to the level of randomly hitting little old ladies, but apparently we have. As much as I hate watching this type of violence, it provides an important lesson to all of us to what our fellow citizen are perfectly happy to do to you for no other reason than boredom. On a daily basis we are bombarded with stories of rape, murder, and assault. And now the perpetrators are taking video of the crimes and posting them online for the world to see, as if they are some sort of digital trophy ....

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  • Holiday Sale

    Crucible is now offering a Buy One, Get One Free on our Advanced Seminars! Now - Dec 24th, but any Advanced Seminar for $75 or $150, and get a second free. Bring a friend, introduce someone to Crucible, or donate them to a charity. Contact us for more details at 4697778288. ....

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  • Level Testing Dec 7th Pre-testing Nov 23 and Nov 30

    For everyone wanting to test, we have our official P1 - P5 testing on Dec 7th. You MUST pre-register for the test, so please let us know ASAP. Pre-test training is on Saturday Nov 23 and Saturday Nov 30 from 1-3pm. These pre-test courses are open to all students, even if you are not testing. There is no cost for the pre-test courses, or the level testing. Test Day: December 7th Time: 1 - 5pm (may run late) Attire: Same as always Advice: bring water, towel, extra shirt and something small to eat (power bar) ....

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  • Self Defense Decreases Sexual Victimization by 60 Percent

    A new University of Oregon study shows a 60% drop in reports of sexual victimization by women who took a 10 week self-defense course. The study follows 286 women who either did or did not participate in the self-defense course. This kind of study was the first of its kind, and goes a long way towards proving what many of us have known: self-defense works, and it helps those it was designed to protect. Nationwide about 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses (CDC, 2010), and Crucible has long been a supporter of having true self-defense classes for all students, ....

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  • Master SFG Karen Smith Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workshop

    Saturday November 9th, Master SFG Karen Smith will be a Crucible teaching a 6 hour Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workshop. This is a rare opportunity to train with one of the countries best instructors. Register today for only $99! To Register Click Here ....

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    We are combining our popular Pre-Habilitation course AND our CPR certification course! Get your CPR certification and our pre-habilitation course will teach you to stretch, use various foam rollers, and release points of tension to safely increase your range of motion. Taught by Dr. Steven Horowitz. August 31st from 1-4pm. ....

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  • 2013 CALENDAR

    View a Mobile Version of this Calendar Use Keep and Share .com online calendar and monthly calendar ....

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    REGISTER HERE Work with the best Krav Maga instructor in the world! This 2 hour COMBAT FIGHTERS COURSE will cover fighting techniques taught to militaries and law enforcement groups around the globe. Learn how to handle groups of attackers, tactics for minimizing casualties, and weapons usage. Cost: $75 Place: Crucible Krav Maga Time: 6pm - 8pm ....

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    REGISTER HERE Work with the best Krav Maga instructor in the world! This 2 hour VIP and THIRD PARTY PROTECTION course will cover the techniques and tactics used by professional bodyguards around the world. Learn how to prevent attacks to VIP's and protect others important to you. Cost: $75 Time: 6pm - 8pm Date: July 20th ....

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    We have released the rest of the 2013 Advanced Seminar Schedule.
    Tactical Casualty Care $150 1pm - 7pm
    August 18th,
    September 7th,
    This is an advanced version of our first responder course, which covers much more material. Learn how 'Care Under Fire' can radically change how you asses and treat casualties. This material has been learned by our troops fighting in recent wars, so the material is timely and includes all the latest techniques. * Scene safety while under fire * Moving casualties while under fire * calling for evacuation * massive hemmorage care for both limbs and torso * Wound packing and tourniquet usage * HALO inclusive dressings * Respiratory care with ....

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    We have released the rest of the 2013 Protection Seminar Schedule.
    Third Party Protection
    Saving yourself is one thing, but saving others requires additional knowledge. Your mindset is different, and the techniques we typically teach are modified to protect others. * Principles of 3rd party protection * Moving people you are protecting * Intercepting threats * Working in teams to protect * Protecting 3rd parties from grabs, chokes and non-weapon attacks Protecting 3rd parties from pistol and knife threats * Hostage situations Executive Protection

    Building on the Third Party Protection course, this course introduces weapons, vehicles, and tactics for ....

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    We have released the rest of the 2013 Advanced Health Seminars
    We train hard at Crucible, and training can come with injuries. We also want to take care of our bodies through intelligent nutrition plans. If you are looking to lose weight or take care of any nagging injuries, or looking to prevent them, look into one of our advanced health courses. Nutrition
    Do you want to learn more about nutrition? Our courses will cover plans that integrate tightly with our strength and self defense programs. Do you need a detailed and customized plan? We can do that too. Pain Care
    Chronic, stress, and nutritional induced pain is something that we can all experience. It may be due to ....

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  • Self Defense in Allen - Crucible Krav Maga - Womens Self Defense Seminar

    Womens Self Defense Seminar

    Women's Self Defense Seminar Presented by Israeli trained Krav Maga Instructor, Felicia Lynn Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones, Sunday Oct 20 3:00-6:00p Only $75/Person CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

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  • Bar Fighting Seminar One Year Anniversary

    Come help Crucible celebrate our 1 year anniversary! We are holding a 2 hour Bar Fighting Seminar to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Where: The Tavern on Main Street 115 East Main Street, Richardson Texas When: January 12th Cost: $10 - covers seminar and first 2 drinks Non-students and minors are welcome. Sign up using the link below ....

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  • Crucible on TV

    Check out the video below on a recent news story that featured Crucible! Crucible Krav Maga on TV ....

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  • Tommy Blom Seminar Series

    Crucible Krav Maga is proud to host TOMMY BLOM, the highest ranked non-Israeli Krav Maga instructor in the world. Tommy is a Senior RKC instructor, and one of the Global Instructors of Primal Move- a system that is taking the functional movement worls by storm! Dont miss this rare opportunity to train with one of the world's best! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TODAY!!!! ....

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  • Congratulations

    Crucible Krav Maga is proud to annouce that several of it's instructors recently attended the General Instructors Courses in LA, taught by Eyal Yanilov, Illya, and Alan Predolin. As a result: * Both Javier and David Crowson were awarded the rank Graduate 1 * Felicia Lynn and Mike Kawa passed part 2 of the GIC Congrats to all of our instructors! We continue to push ourselves to be the best Self Defense training organization in North Texas. ....

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  • New Courses Intermediate Krav and Ground Lab

    This week we are announcing two new courses! Intermediate Krav Maga class will be on Thursday evenings. This class will focus on P3 / P4 material. We are also starting Ground Lab! This highly anticipated program will focus on the ground fighting aspects of Krav Maga, as well as some additional associated material. Intermediate Krav will be at 8pm on Thursday nights, and Ground Lab will be at 8pm Tuesday nights. ....

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  • Training in Israel

    Hi Everyone, just a quick update. After 2 weeks of training at the beaches, forests, and bases in Israel we are excited to bring the lessons learned and integrate them into our classes immediately. This is an area where Crucible really shines: our instructors are trained and certified by the best in the world, and we bring those experiences right back to you. It is our committment that every instructor at Crucible continues their education so that we can provide you the best possible training. Good luck in your training and we hope to see you soon! -Mike ....

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  • New Summer Courses

    For the summer, starting next week, we are adding morning classes on Thursday and Friday at 10:00am! On Thursday we will offer our Strike Lab course, and on Friday at 10:00am our Krav Maga class. We are also looking to add Ground Lab, Fight Lab and Intermmediate Krav and Strike courses over the next couple of months. Stay tuned! ....

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  • FAQ

    Q: How can be more consistent in my training? A: This is THE most important item when starting to train in Krav Maga. You should find 1 - 2 times per week when nothing will get in the way. We have students that drive from Oklahoma to take classes on weekends, full time mom's and dad's, multiple jobs, small kids at home, new born twins, and every kind of life situation you can imagine. If you want to learn, you will find the time! Q: How many classes can I take? A: When you join Crucible, all of our programs: Krav, Strike, and Flex are included in your membership, and there is no limit to the number of classes you can take. Q: How often should I come to progress? A: If you do not have ....

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