We have released the rest of the 2013 Advanced Seminar Schedule.

Tactical Casualty Care $150   1pm - 7pm

August 18th, September 7th, 

This is an advanced version of our first responder course, which covers much more material. Learn how 'Care Under Fire' can radically change how you asses and treat casualties. This material has been learned by our troops fighting in recent wars, so the material is timely and includes all the latest techniques.

* Scene safety while under fire

* Moving casualties while under fire

* calling for evacuation

* massive hemmorage care for both limbs and torso

* Wound packing and tourniquet usage

* HALO inclusive dressings

* Respiratory care with nasal and oral ventilation

* Would repair

* Needle decompression of chest

* Hypothermia care

* Use of tactical trauma care kit of equipment ($150 cost for kit)

Concealed Handgun License $75   9am - 1pm

July 28, Aug 17, Sept 1, Sept 15, Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov 2, Nov 17

It is our opinion that everyone should have thier CHL and learn to properly use their weapons. The first step is attending a certified CHL course. We will take you through both the legal and practical usage of weapons, and prepare you for your shooting qualification.

Tactical Shooting Course  $75   1pm - 4pm

July 6, Aug 17, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 9

Whether you have your CHL or not (and you SHOULD!) you still need to learn how to conceal, draw, and shoot a weapon. Our tactics are based on those taught to us by US and Israeli operators. You will learn:

* Concealing handguns

* Safety on the range

* Drawing for accuracy

* Movement in all directions

* Target selection

* Shooting from positions

* Clearing jams

* Changing magazines

* Weapon retention

* Usage of pistol as blunt instrument

Escape and Evasion  $150  1pm - 7pm

Aug 3, Sept 14, Oct 26, Nov 16

You are being tracked and need to get away. Maybe you've been caught. Your family is being threatened. What do you do? In this advanced course you will learn:

* The keys to staying off the grid

* How to conceal yourself

* What gear to have on you, in your car, at home, or stashed away hidden

* How to assume identities

* Escaping bindings like duct tape, rope, zip ties and hand cuffs

* Picking locks

* Setting up caches

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