We have released the rest of the 2013 Protection Seminar Schedule.

Third Party Protection

Saving yourself is one thing, but saving others requires additional knowledge. Your mindset is different, and the techniques we typically teach are modified to protect others. 

* Principles of 3rd party protection

* Moving people you are protecting

* Intercepting threats

* Working in teams to protect

* Protecting 3rd parties from grabs, chokes and non-weapon attacks

Protecting 3rd parties from pistol and knife threats

* Hostage situations

Executive Protection

Building on the Third Party Protection course, this course introduces weapons, vehicles, and tactics for protecting others.

* Walking positions

* Protective formations

* Concealing firearms

* Drawing concealed weapons

* Moving through crowds

* Site surveys

* In and Out of vehicles

* Shooting from vehicles

* Working in seated situations

* Team tactics

Law Enforcement

Designed for military, law enforcement,, and professional security personnel, this course will prepare you with the most effective tactics for high stress engagements.

* Legal aspects

* Understanding high threat environments

* Use of force

* Pistol and rifle disarming

* Weapon on weapon defenses

* Arrest and control techniques

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