We have released the rest of the 2013 Advanced Health Seminars

We train hard at Crucible, and training can come with injuries. We also want to take care of our bodies through intelligent nutrition plans. If you are looking to lose weight or take care of any nagging injuries, or looking to prevent them, look into one of our advanced health courses.


Do you want to learn more about nutrition? Our courses will cover plans that integrate tightly with our strength and self defense programs. Do you need a detailed and customized plan? We can do that too.

Pain Care

Chronic, stress, and nutritional induced pain is something that we can all experience. It may be due to training hard, or it may be due to something outside the school. We have an extended family of top notch doctors who will asses you with a mindset that fitness is key to your overall wellness. If you have a nagging pain, lets see if we can get it fixed or learn more about healing it so you can continue with your training.


The best way to deal with injuries is to prevent them! Our Pre-Habilitation course will teach you how to stretch correctly, how to use various rollers to release points of tension, and to safely increase your range of motion. Taught as a seminar and also in ongoing courses.

Functional Movement Screen

To get the most out of your training, both your instructor and you need to understand your current range of motion. From this we can create a plan that will allow you to train safely while identifying issues that could otherwise result in injury. 

Schedule an FMS Screen today to get started!

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