This a rare opportunity to work with a real master. The mobility workshop will last about 6 hours and will cover a number of mobility progressions and regressions. 

About Keira:

Keira Newton is one of the foremost leading experts on kettlebell training and is one of only two women in the world who hold the title of Master RKC. With over ten years of experience, beginning with her Feldenkrais certification in 2001, Keira has seen it all and has worked with every type of client - from chronic couch potatoes to elite athletes.

She is a frequent author of articles for Breaking Muscle and owner of dkb Fitness in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she balances her hectic schedule with her own personal brand of daily yoga practice. This daily practice combined with her decade of mobility and fitness coaching have made her an authority on helping people reach levels of flexibility they never thought possible.

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