Self Defense Decreases Sexual Victimization by 60 Percent

A new University of Oregon study shows a 60% drop in reports of sexual victimization by women who took a 10 week self-defense course.

The study follows 286 women who either did or did not participate in the self-defense course. This kind of study was the first of its kind, and goes a long way towards proving what many of us have known: self-defense works, and it helps those it was designed to protect. Nationwide about 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses (CDC, 2010), and Crucible has long been a supporter of having true self-defense classes for all students, especially women. 

Taken collectively, the impact of reducing the rate of sexual victimization by 60% would have a huge impact on society. The emotional, mental, and physical effects of a sexual crime can last a life-time for victims, and put immense strains on their friends and families. The positive impact of having self-defense courses on campus cannot be understated. 

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