Why we are StrongFirst

Why we are StrongFirst

Most people know that we have an amazing self-defense program based on Krav Maga. What fewer people know about is that we also have an amazing strength training program designed around kettlebells. If you are unfamiliar with kettlebells they are those metal cannon balls that have handles on them, and they are wickedly efficient at making you stronger.

A recent study by ACE conducted with the University of Wisconsin found:


“A person can easily burn several hundred calories in a brief period of time using these iron orbs, which makes them appealing to those looking for time-efficient results.”

“Overall, kettlebell use can produce remarkable results, which is what virtually all fitness enthusiasts look to get from their workouts,” Bryant continues.  “Kettlebells not only offer resistance training benefits, they also will ultimately help people burn calories, lose weight, and enhance their functional performance capabilities.”

Those of us that have been training with them for any period of time have come to recognize them as an incredibly efficient way to get Strong. Which leads me to the question: Why are we StrongFirst?

StrongFirst (www.strongfirst.com) is a “school of strength” that trains and certifies kettlbell instructors. To achieve your SFG instructor certificate is a badge of honor, indicating that you have been trained and tested by the best coaches in the country. Physically, the test is nothing short of grueling, requiring physical and mental toughness. You will emerge from the course a stronger and smarter man or woman (…assuming you survive…). As Pavel has said “walking the walk is the only way to earn the StrongFirst instructor designation.” 

Our leader is Pavel Tsatsouline who has led the kettlebell training movement in the US. His training techniques are sound, and have been adopted by many of the strongest men in the country. His system incorporates what is called “hard-style” training, which is based around simple programming, using maximum tension, and “training” rather than “working out” or “exercising”. The entire goal is simple: get strong. In his latest book, “Kettlebell: Simple & Sinister”, Pavel ends the book by saying “Repeat until strong.” Exactly.

You might be wondering why added this program to our school, and the answer is very simple: getting strong (safely) makes you better at everything, especially fighting. In our circle, we call it “what the hell” strength. This mysterious strength usually materializes in the form of a daily activity, or sport that you magically have become better at overnight. One student told me that she would usually drag her laundry bag to the wash due to the weight, and one day she just up and threw it onto her shoulder without even thinking about it. Another student dropped many minutes off her already impressive run times. One student with MS is now able to get out of bed and walk around. Myself, I have found that I can power through 4-6 hour training days pretty much daily without fatigue. I can say that I am unquestionably a better Krav Maga practitioner having trained with kettlebells. 

In a recent article on bodybuilding.com, Pavel says the following:

I am proud to be a subject matter expert to elite U.S. military and law enforcement special operations units. Here is an example of what operators say about StrongFirst methods: "And suddenly the Hindu Kush was easy.” This is a perfect example of “what the hell” strength. 

The article is absolute must read:


So, why are we StrongFirst? Because strength is the foundation on which everything else is built, and there are few ways to get stronger than a properly taught kettlebell course. If you have been looking for an adaptable, safe and extremely effective strength training program, look no further than a Hardstyle Kettlebell course. 


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