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Beginner DEEP Training Classes Enrolling In July

DEEP Training Program

  • Do you lack the time it takes to commit to a daily or weekly class schedule, but still want the benefits of self-defense training?
  • Do you want to learn the full spectrum of self-defense topics, but don’t want to wait the 12 - 24 months it takes typically for these courses be available?
  • Are you a busy student with numerous classes, or is your job too time consuming for regular classes?
  • Do you want to take the most comprehensive Women’s Self Defense training course?

We have are now proud to offer The DEEP Training Program – the most comprehensive weekend self-protection course in the business!

The DEEP Training Program is a 2-day course designed to be an end-to-end, integrated self-defense program that can be done over 8-12 hours. All of the components fit together like puzzle pieces, allowing you to learn the core principles of the various areas of study, while continually re-enforcing them as you learn new material. They are designed as a system.

The DEEP Training Program was created to impart the physical training needed to prevent dangerous encounters, defend yourself when needed, and escape if you happen to be caught. But this course goes beyond simple self-defense training – this is a complete upgrade of your overall skill set needed to act under the intensely stressful situations.

This course is typically spread over two days a week to allow everyone the ability to assimilate the material. Check with the current calendar of events to see which course types are being offered currently.

There are 4 DEEP Training Programs:

DEEP Level 1

This course covers the following material:

Defend – Self-defense, based on Krav Maga, including both standing and ground encounters.

Escape – How to escape from being held against your will (including being bound by hand-cuffs, duct tape, rope or zip ties).

Evasion – The skills to detect that you are being followed, and what to do about it.

Protect – Bystander Intervention and Third Party Protection. How do we defend family members or friends who may be in harms way?

DEEP Level 1 – Women’s Course

Studies have shown that women who take approximately 12 hours of self-defense training have a 50% less probably of being raped. This course has been tailored to help women understand the situations that can often lead to various types of attacks, and how to head them off early.

This course covers all the material of Level 1, but has a particular slant for women. If you are looking for the most well rounded Women’s Self Defense Course that you could possibly ask for, this is it!

DEEP Level 2

This course goes beyond Level 1 in three key ways:

Trauma Care – What do we do when someone is seriously hurt, either by accident or as the outcome of an attack?

Tactical Weapons – Defending yourself may come with the use of various weapons, including non-lethal and firearms. This course covers primarily Tasers and firearms training.

Active Shooter – It seems that nearly everyday there is an active shooter event in the news. What should we do when presented with an active shooter situation?

DEEP Level 2 – Women’s Course

This course covers all of the Level 2 material, but has a particular slant for women. If you are looking for the most well rounded Women’s Self Defense Course that you could possibly ask for, this is it.

There is no prior experience needed before taking any of these courses. They have been designed for the general public, using proven techniques from around the world. There are some sections that are somewhat physically demanding, but are capable of being executed by anyone.

We do recommend and highly advocate for continued training in all skill sets related to self-defense. However, if you have just one weekend and need the training, these are the best courses money can buy.

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