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Crucible Krav Maga in Allen offers a wide range of practical tactical training for the non-professional. 

Have you wanted to learn how to conceal your weapon? How to shoot under stress? How to shoot while moving? Learn how to get out of hostile situations?

Crucible Krav Maga has the answers.

Concealed Handgun License

It is our opinion that everyone should have their Concealed Handgun License and learn to properly use their weapons. Our CHL courses allow you to get the knowledge you need to properly carry your handgun, get your license, and do it in a fun an effective way. This is not a death by slide show course! You will be at our training facility in Plano, allowing you to learn in a comfortable environment. We integrate firearms into our courses on a daily basis, and this course is a natural extension of those classes.

We do the shooting qualification at a local range where we have negotiated an inexpensive rate for you. When you leave you will have all the paperwork you need to submit your license request to the State of Texas. 

Tactical Shooting

Whether you have your CHL or not (and you SHOULD!) you still need to learn how to conceal, draw, and shoot a weapon. Our tactics are based on those taught to us by US and Israeli operators.

You will learn:
  • Concealing Handguns
  • Safety on the Range
  • Drawing for Accuracy
  • Movements in All Directions
  • Target Selection
  • Shooting from Positions
  • Clearing Jams
  • Changing Magazines
  • Weapon Retention
  • Usage of Pistol as Blunt Instrument

Escape and Evasion

You are being tracked and need to get away. Maybe, you've been caught. Your family is being threatened, what do you do? 

In this Advanced Escape and Evasion Couse you will learn:
  • The Keys to Staying Off the Grid
  • How to Conceal Yourself
  • What Gear to Have on You in Your Car, at Home, or Stashed Away Hidden
  • How to Assume Identities
  • Escaping Bindings like Duct Tape, Rope, Zip Ties and Hand Cuffs
  • Picking Locks
  • Setting Up Caches

Third Party Protection

Saving yourself is one thing, but saving others requires additional knowledge. Your mindset is different, and the techniques we typically teach are modified to protect others.

You will learn:
  • Principles of 3rd Party Protection
  • Moving People you are Protecting
  • Intercepting Threats
  • Working on Teams To Protect
  • Protecting 3rd Parties from Grabs, Chokes, and Non-Weapon Attacks
  • Protecting 3rd Parties From Pistol and Knife Threats
  • Hostage Situations

Executive Protection

Buliding on the Third Party Protection Course, this course introduces weapons, vehicles and tactics for protecting others.

In this Executive Protection Course you will learn:
  • Walking Positions
  • Protective Formations
  • Concealing Firearms
  • Drawing Concealed Weapons
  • Moving Through Crowds
  • Site Surveys
  • In and Out of Vehicles
  • Shooting From Vehicles
  • Working in Seated Situations
  • Team Tactics

Law Enforcement

Designed for Military, Law Enforcement, and Professional Security Personnel, this course will prepare you with the most effective tactics for high stress engagements.

  • Legal Aspects
  • Understanding High Threat Environments
  • Use of Force
  • Pistol and Rifle Disarming
  • Weapon of Weapon Defenses
  • Arrest and Control Techniques

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