Crucible Krav Maga Reviews

  • I've gone to Crucible Krav Maga about half a dozen times now. So far I always leave sweaty, sore, and exhausted -- in the best way possible. Most evenings there are back-to-back classes: "Strike Lab" and "Krav Maga". I usually do both and stay for two hours. I learn a lot, have fun, and feel like I might actually be able to protect myself if I ever wind up in an unfortunate situation. That's saying a lot for me, because I'm a tiny, uncoordinated, little girl. The instructors always give each person useful feedback, there is a lot of opportunity for practice and personal instruction during classes, and everyone is super friendly. Classes all start off with a warm up and stretching, and sadly for me, are usually enough to get me wheezing (I have asthma, okay?!) and sweating. They then demonstrate the technique they'll teach you, break it down, make sure you understand it, and as you learn one thing, they add on and teach more and more until you've learned a combination of useful moves by the end of each class. Overall, Crucible Krav Maga offers a great workout while teaching potentially life-saving self-defense techniques. The memberships are month-to-month, so there's no long-term commitment. Students can get a special discount for their memberships. They'll even let you try it out for free. I highly recommend that everyone give it a try and see if it's for you.

    Farah E.
  • Self Defense at its finest! This was my first experience doing Krav Maga, although one of my best friends has been doing it for years. I was really impressed with the interactivity the teacher brought to the class. You are put in real situations, like "someone is pointing a gun at you." And you are given specific instructions on how to handle that situation. Our class was in how to handle a gun in your back. It was amazing. Your confidence soars, and you realize that there is a hefty science and practice to defending yourself. As someone who has been mugged at gunpoint, I can tell you that these skills could have really changed how things went. And although they don't recommend instigating violence, they do offer ways to protect yourself and defend yourself. I cannot recommend this type of class enough. Protect yourself!

    Mark B.
  • I have never taken any type of self defenses or martial arts training before. In the beginning I was hesitant because as a female I was worried about getting injured or bruised. However the instructors are really thorough with their communications and making sure you are moving the techniques properly. Every other day they offer yoga, strike lab and krav classes. I suggest anyone wanting to do something different to give them a try.

    Mai H.
  • I'm trying to get back in shape after not having (seriously) worked out in years so my brothers and I signed up for Crucible Krav Maga. They offer a kettle bell class, and several different classes in addition to Krav Maga. The staff and owner are super nice, so I'm happy we made this choice. One of the things I enjoy about the kettle bell class is Javier takes the time to show proper form, and pushes you while at the same time he's not torturing you.

    Shams B.
  • I LOVE coming here!!!! All of the teachers/trainers are so incredibly positive and encouraging! The owner, Mike, is even on site and trains us, too! I'm very overweight, uncoordinated, and have zero experience with this (I'm a huge nerd/geek) but I feel totally at home and welcome here. Everyone is super friendly! It's such a positive environment- give it a try! The prices are really affordable, too. This isn't a steroid filled guys club - it's excellent for women!!! Don't be nervous! Come join me! :)

    Vanessa M.

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